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Thermalarm II

The Thermalarm II uses the same electrical contact principle as our original Thermalarm. When the temperature reaches either of the user-adjustable high or low limit hands, the temperature indicating hand comes in contact with the limit set hand and acts as a switch, closing an electrical alarm circuit. These hands are gold plated to improve their electrical conductivity and to reduce corrosion.

Adjustment of the high and low limits is made by simply loosening the locking nut located on the front of the Thermalarm, turning the adjustment screw to the desired temperature, then tightening the locking nut.

The Thermalarm II is well-suited to applications requiring a narrow high-low temperature range, or where recurring temperature fluctuations of only a few degrees must be sensed.

The standard range of the Thermalarm II is from 20°F to 110°F. Other temperature ranges may be available. Please contact us for more information.

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