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Protect-It Alarm System

The Protect-It Alarm System was developed by Thermalarm Products, Inc. to provide an inexpensive alarm system capable of detecting and alerting to the most critical environmental conditions of any greenhouse, animal confinement, or farming operation. This system is best suited for small commercial or hobby operations where it is practical to run wires from the room or building where temperature conditions are to be monitored to the area in which the control unit is located.

Protect-It will instantly sound a steady tone from an electronic buzzer located on the control unit when a temperature problem is detected by the user-adjustable Thermalarm. The tone is similar to that of a battery operated home smoke detector. In the even of a power failure, this system will produce an interrupted tone (approximately 4 seconds on, 4 seconds off), and automatically switch over to battery operation to continue monitoring the temperature conditions. If power failure is not an immediate concern, the power failure tone may be turned off using a switch on the control unit . The switch will not affect the temperature monitoring alarm circuit.

This system comes complete, ready for installation using connecting wire supplied by the installer, or readily available at hardware store.

The Protect-It System Includes:

  • Control unit, with power supply and battery charging system, 12V battery, indicator lights showing presence of AC power and low battery or fuse condition, electronic tone buzzer, and an on-off switch for the power failure alarm tone.
  • Plug-in 12 volt AC transformer/power supply
  • Thermalarm III alarm thermometer (a Thermalarm II is also available on special order.)

Other sensors may be used with this system to detect intrusion, heater failure, water & air flow, or just about any sensor providing a dry contact closure. This system can be configured for use with normally-closed sensors.

Remote alert connections and relay contacts (both normally-open and normally-closed types, rated at 24V, 2V) are provided so that a variety of accessories and other systems may be operated with the Protect-It System.

The Protect-It System has been used in a variety of applications using such accessories as exterior mounted electronic sirens, wireless sensor links, telephone dialing systems, paging systems, and many more.

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